Causimonancy, anyone?
Brooklynn. 17. California.
I like animals, tea, flowers, adventuring and good company.

Face. Etc.
Raw.  ~Succulents

First day using my new dslr - Nikon 3100

Honey bunny (Taken with instagram)
Top of the morning, folks!

Everyone have a lovely day :)

Taken with instagram
Regained clarity

and it feels so good! :)

CW: 144.2

Last week: 148

I feel way too great. Off for a run! <3

Oh, I’m a psycho?

Thank you, thank you very much >;)

good morning
Taken with instagram
it’s so frustrating

when i can only remember one line of a song and it’s melody, but nothing else. i keep singing it over and over in hopes that the name will come to me; however, i’ve been at it for over a day and nada

and the nightmare continues

worst night of my fucking life

this is unbelievable!

i just had the most insane dream in the entirety of my existence and i forgot so much of it within the minute or so it took me getting out of bed and finding a pen/paper to write. this is so beyond frustrating.

just binged on pb cheerios. fuuuuuuuuuuck